The Only Barrier

What is in the way of my happiness? Why don’t I experience it already? Well, every great story has a villain doesn’t it? And this one is no different. The villain in this epic, the story of a lifetime, is cunning, sly and convincing. At this point in your journey, you have everything you need to find lasting peace. So do I, but I don’t do it.

There is no excuse. I have every teaching at my fingertips, ample time to devote to the quest, and no threats I need to deal with before I can concentrate on the path. Everything has fallen into place, and yet, that villain continues to intervene.

It’s there whispering in my ear, keeping me from the work I need to do, keeping me looking out. And it’s greatest trick is that it doesn’t even mention the practice, it doesn’t even tell me not to do it, this would be too obvious. It just notices, a distraction here, a notification there, maybe a good book to read, before I do my work. And even beyond that, it begins to use my practice against me. It seeks out videos, podcasts, books and articles about the practice, distractions in disguise.

It’s so cunning and so well hidden in plain sight that in reality I don’t even notice this super villain. And there’s a very good reason for that; the villain is me. Ok, I’m being dramatic, but if there is someone getting in the way of my finding out what I am, then surely I am it. It would be easy to blame the distractions, the thoughts, the mind, but when the rubber hits the road, it is me who pays attention to them. Without my willing (if unconscious) participation, there is no way for these happenings to take me away from my work. At times, it seems, I would rather look around than within.

The antidote simple and comes in 2 parts:

  1. Stop wasting time and attention on distractions;
  2. Use that time to look inside and find out who you are.

This is my only life goal from here on.

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