The Commitment

I can’t believe how lucky I am. Along with having access to the most powerful spiritual teachings available, for free, I have the time and resources to put them into practice, to find lasting inner happiness for good. You know what though? I don’t really use them. Well I do and I don’t, let me explain.

My life’s focus, on one level, is this inner exploration that you are engaged in too, looking within and discovering the truth of who I am. On another level though, I’m unhappily distracted. Every shiny thing, every notification, every possible life crisis, is a source of this unhappy distraction, which I find myself seeking out, even though it feels so hollow and unfulfilling.

We live in a world that happily supports this approach to life, but I’m not going to blame society and let myself off the hook. Because the truth is that something in me likes being distracted, just not my authentic self. My mind feels safe when moving swiftly from one distraction to the next, because it is hiding. Hiding from sitting and looking within, hiding from being uncovered for what it is, just a bunch of thoughts, hiding from scrutiny.

I see this though, and I’ve really had enough. Life’s distractions are not going to keep me hooked any longer, I’m ready to do the work.

If you are too, I want to invite you on a new journey with me, not a glamorous and exciting one, but a committed, relentless exploration of our inner world, bound with a promise to keep looking until it all makes sense. I’m not dropping out of life of course, and neither should you. We can simply begin to eliminate the distractions, move attention within, and continue to take care of life as it unfolds.

As an aid on this journey, I have created Daily Inspiration, a set of powerful daily reminders, inspirers and words of wisdom, delivered straight to your inbox. If you’re ready to move wholeheartedly into the next phase of your journey, join me daily, and let’s walk a little together.


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