The Nature of Mind

Your mind does not have your best interests at heart, it seeks only to suck your attention into its stories as a flower turns to absorb the sunlight.

Mind is wonderfully skilled at sucking you in, but it has no agenda, no plan beyond keeping itself alive.

The pit that is mind can be your dwelling place for life, or else you can learn to live, to truly be alive, in this instant.

Breathe consciously and you are alive once more. Let thought be thought, and embrace feeling this breath, being here in this moment.

Welcome back. You are alive.

6 thoughts on “The Nature of Mind

  1. Hi Oli,
    I appreciate the description of mind as having no agenda other than to keep itself alive. Is it ever opwraying in our best interests? I’ll give that idea some thought.

    1. Hi Che, thanks for the question! Wonderful inspiration can come from the mind, and when we stop being entranced by it, those thoughts can definitely be useful.

      Having said that, I might keep watching Mind and see what the answer to your question is.

      Hope you’re well,

  2. Yea i alr have own problems, yet the ppl around me still continue to project the guilt onto me. I see that some old get insecure want us to praise them but they do wrong n are rudr. How to detach from these?

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