Finding True Perfection

Too often, people (including me), try to use mindfulness to create the perfect life, in which all is calm, peaceful and perfect. This can lead to stress, disappointment and difficulties because, let’s face it, life is messy and unpredictable!

I went through this challenge myself a few years ago, expecting that life outside should look a certain way because I was practicing mindfulness. And then it hit me!

I decided to turn my approach to life upside down, and instead of using mindfulness to be successful in my life, I started using life as my mindfulness practice. So instead of trying to use mindfulness to be a better parent, for example, I used (and continue to use) the messy reality of parenting as mindfulness practice.

I did the same at work and in relationships, using all the challenges, trials and difficulties as opportunities to be present in harder and harder circumstances and to find where I’m stuck, lost in old thoughts and beliefs.

And I found that, with the pressure to be perfect gone, life became easier and so did my practice, and all those seeming failures turned into opportunities to learn.

This experience made me think that there must be others experiencing the same thing, feeling inadequate in their lives and using mindfulness to try and fix that, people feeling frustrated like I was.

And so, I decided to write a new series of books for people who live life far from perfect, people who live in the mud of reality, and people who are fed up with books promising perfection.

I called this The Mindful Living Series, and the first three titles are out now;

Mindful Parenting, Mindful Relationships and Mindfulness at Work. These links will take you to the books on Book Depository, who generally have the best prices and free shipping.

For ebook fans, the series can be found below:

Mindful Parenting

Mindful Relationships

Mindfulness at Work

It was my great pleasure to write these books, and I hope they contribute to your own life journey, and that we all can discover the perfection that is here already, hidden within the mess.


Oli Doyle

4 thoughts on “Finding True Perfection

  1. Suddenly it is all starting to make sense, I will never be perfect in my partners eyes but that is his problem to deal with and not mine. It will take a lot of practice but I feel better already. Thanks Oli

  2. Thank you Oli, your take on mindfulness makes so much sense to me and I am so grateful that you have written these three books, all of which I hope to be receiving in the mail sometime soon. Much love Judy.

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